South Bay Rum

Rich in aroma, delicious in flavor and deep in color, South Bay Rum is handcrafted by award winning Cuban Rum Masters. South Bay Rum is produced using the Solera method, blended to perfection in the honored Cuban fashion. Full bodied, rich and extraordinarily smooth, South Bay Rum satisfies the most sophisticated palate.

Created by Cuban Rum Masters who immigrated to the Dominican Republic, South Bay Rum is produced in small batches, using matured rum from a wide range of handselected barrels.

Each barrel imparts its own characteristic to the finished product as they have formerly held bourbon, sherry, port, wine and single malt Scotch whisky.

Using the Solera method, the contents of the barrels are married for a significant period of time to obtain the rich flavors and remarkably smooth finish of South Bay Rum.

It's the precise combination of the climate, soil and ingredients, together with our Cuban Rum Master's experienced hands, which make South Bay Rum richly rewarding and one-of-a-kind.

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