Paolucci Liquori

It was the year 1873 when Vincenzo Paolucci moved from the nearby region of Abruzzo to Sora in Ciociaria (Latium). This decision was motivated by the fact that in this new territory, the Liri Valley, rich in water and lush vegetation, nature offered many varieties of plants (gentian, etc.) necessary for his liquor preparation. In this new and economically prosperous setting, Vincenzo Paolucci began his artisan production of liquors. In 1918, after the First World War which greatly hindered the survival of the enterprise, Vincenzo's son, Donato, joined him and through commitment and tenacity they soon allowed the artisan activity to reach a good industrial level and to receive well-deserved awards (Gold Medal in 1934). Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Second World War greatly damaged the plant, located in the area surrounding the Montecassino front, and negatively affected the activity and growth of the company itself.

At the end of the Second World War Donato Paolucci was succeeded by his sons, Mario and Ermanno, who, inspired by their father's example and with the same tenacity and commitment, reconstructed the Viale Simoncelli plant making it bigger and more modern after the demage received during the war. Also, they revived activity on the domestic and international markets.

Today, the company exports to Germany, Holland, England, the United States and other countries. It soon became necessary to increase production so as to satisfy the market demand and thus, a new plant was opened in 1964 in Viale San Domenico and kept operative until January 1994. Since January 1995, production has been carried out in the new Via Colle d'Arte plant, a model of up-to-date structure and technology. This new site was established in response to the present market trend which calls for a fresh line of products.

The continuous development of "PAOLUCCI LIQUORI", generation after generation, has been possible not only thanks to the sustained efforts of the family members, who have endeavoured seriously and competently, but also thanks to ongoing research aimed at improving product quality. It can therefore be said that the history of PAOLUCCI LIQUORI is also a story of quality.


Amaro CioCiaro

Considered to be Italy's finest Amaro by America's most prominent mixologists, Amaro CioCiaro is a unique liqueur made from carefully selected natural ingredients. Produced from the authentic recipe of Italy's CioCiaro region, Amaro CioCiaro is the primary component of many mixed drinks and is as well delicious when served on the rocks or with a splash of seltzer.

30% Alc/Vol


Produced in the Sora region of Northern Italy, Paolucci Limoncello distinctive complex flavors sets it apart from all others. Bright yellow with a greenish highlights; Paolucci Limoncello has a full viscosity, yet is not syrupy. Fresh lemons and citrus aromas dominate the nose. The flavor is a well balanced combination of both sweet and tart lemons, with long smooth finish on the end.

30% Alc/Vol


Whether you prefer traditional clear or our newly released Black Sambuca, Paolucci Sambuca will satisfy the most sophisticated palate. Our clear Sambuca is made from the essential oils of star anise and elderberry, with an appropriate sweetness. Paolucci Black Sambuca uses the essential oils of licorice and Witch Elder Bush to impart its rich flavor, but with a somewhat with drier finish.

42% Alc/Vol


Italy's most delicate yet flavorful liqueur, both the nose and palate burst with a tantalizing combination of apricot and almond flavors. Served neat, on the rocks or a component of a variety of mixed drinks, Paolucci Amaretto is the perfect addition to an evening of fine cuisine with friends, family or lovers. The original Paolucci Amaretto recipe dates back to 1873.

30% Alc/Vol


Paolucci Fragoletta is a delicious Italian liqueur containing hand picked wild strawberries. A result of a traditional family recipe, it is an excellent aperitif with sparkling wine. Can also be enjoyed with ice cream and fruit salad or with your favorite vodka for a strawberry martini. Serve chilled... and don't forget to eat the strawberries.

30% Alc/Vol

Sambuca Black

This family recipe is distilled from a unique blend of natural ingredients including anise, elderberries, elderflower and sugar. A deliciously smooth finish with intense flavors that can be enjoyed straight up or with coffee.

40% Alc/Vol

Sambuca & Café

This liqueur is created by combining our Sambuca with coffee liqueur. It can also be served straight up as a delicious after dinner drink, and is also excellent over ice cream.

40% Alc/Vol