Alan Shayne

President/CEO, founded the Spirit Imports, Inc. in 1993.

Mr. Shayne, a recognized connoisseur of fine wines and distilled spirits, began his career in the wine and spirits industry at the age of 22 when he opened New York's first wine themed bar/night club. In 1977, he joined his family business, Merit Display Company, New York's premier alcoholic beverage merchandising firm. Upon the sale of Merit Display Company in 1983, Mr. Shayne was appointed Vice President of Marketing for Wellington Importers, Ltd., the United States subsidiary of the Bell's Scotch Whisky Company. Mr. Shayne co-founded Blair Importers, Ltd. in 1988, acting in the capacity of Executive Vice President prior to forming The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America, Ltd. in 1993.

The Whisky Sisters

For sisters Lauren Mayer and Gabby Shayne, life continues to get more spirited. Born into a whisky family, Lauren and Gabby began their careers at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America, Ltd. Like most sisters, they have a number of similarities, yet both have unique qualities that make them strong individuals. They share an enthusiasm for the finer things in life which includes gourmet food, fashion, fine wines and unique spirits.

The smartly dressed, attractive brunettes aren't the first girls you'd expect to challenge your knowledge of whisky. But that's exactly what you get when you meet The Whisky Sisters. Their passion for rare and unique spirits has landed them the opportunity to provide goods and services to America's most influential collectors and enthusiasts.

An unwavering dedication to fulfilling the needs of their clients and resourcing the ultimate spirits for their particular desires are just a few of the reasons why Lauren and Gabby have attained the success they have.